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TREC Home Inspection Report Changes

If you're in the real estate biz, you may be aware that the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), which is the governing body over real estate licenses and standards, just made some changes to the approved Home Inspection Report for Texas Home Inspections. These changes became effective September 1, 2021, and this week we thought we'd go over what they are and what they mean.

1. WATER: Inspection reports are now required to call out the type of piping used in water distribution. Ex. PEX, Copper, Galvanized, PB (aka Quest).


All outlet receptacles must be either a GFCI or AFCI. GFCI is the type of outlet that has an emergency breaker at the outlet, while AFCI detects faulty wiring at the breaker box. They must also be "tamper resistant," which is indicated on the packaging, or with a "TR" on the outlet itself.


All windows two stories or higher with a windowsill that is 24 inches or less from the interior floor must have a device that prevents them from opening more than 4 inches. This is to prevent falls from easily accessible 2nd & third story windows.

4. GAS

Gas information in regards to appliances will no longer be with the individual appliance, but will be located in its own section specifically for gas. This is really only important to folks who are familiar with the old report, and will now find this info in a different place. In addition, the absence of carbon monoxide detectors will now be called out on all home inspection reports.


All garage access doors that are not equipped with a self-closing device that are attached to the home must have two spring loaded hinges as a fire safety measure. This would prevent fire from spreading easily to the main home in the event of a garage fire.

If you have questions about any of these changes, feel free to give us a call, or send your questions to For Realtors, we can come to your office to do a brief overview. Contact Paige at


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