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Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

What is a WDI Inspection and why do you need one? 

One of the greatest threats to your home is from termites and other wood-destroying insects. Before you buy a home, it’s a good idea to know if there is a current or previous infestation.

A WDI inspection includes a visual examination of the interior and exterior of the home to find any signs of existing or previous activity as well as identifying conducive conditions for these troublesome insects.

What are some signs of an infestation?

  • Mud-like material in irregular patterns along surfaces

  • Mud tunnels that connect the nest in the ground to the wood structure

  • Tunneling in wood structures

  • Paint that buckles

  • Tiny holes

  • Piles of wings


What are conducive conditions for a termite or other wood destroying insect infestation?

  • Debris Under or Around Structure

  • Planter Box Abutting Structure

  • Insufficient Ventilation

  • Wood To Ground Contact

  • Footing too Low or Soil Line too High

  • Wood Pile in Contact with Structure

  • Form boards left in Place

  • Wood Rot

  • Excessive Moisture


If you are looking for a Home Inspector that does WDI Inspections, we've got you covered. For more detailed info, click here to view or download Wood Destroying Insects: Conducive Conditions and Remedies.

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