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Tips on How to Prepare Your Home's AC For the Summer

As the weather begins warming up, ensuring your home's central air conditioner is adequately prepared for summer is essential.

You can use these tips to ensure your AC unit is in good working order. Check the filters and coils, clean as needed, or schedule a professional maintenance checkup.

With these tips, you'll be cool and comfortable all summer long!

Check the filters

If your home's air quality is not as fresh as it used to be, or if your furnace or AC system seems to be working harder than usual, it might be time to check your filters. You should ideally replace your filter every one to three months.

When choosing replacement filters, make sure to select the right size and type for your AC unit. Many hardware and home improvement stores sell universal filters that can be cut to fit a variety of HVAC systems.

However, these may not be as effective as filters designed for your unit. Replacing your filters is a quick and easy way to improve your home's air quality.

Inspect the condenser coils

The condenser coils are a crucial part of your air conditioning system. They help to cool the air as it passes through the unit. If these coils become dirty, they can cause your air conditioner to work less efficiently.

Make sure to inspect your air conditioner's coils every few months and clean them as needed. If it's not working correctly, you could waste energy or have an expensive repair bill!

This will help to keep your air conditioner working properly.

Inspect the evaporator coils

Inspecting and cleaning your condenser coils regularly will help prolong the life of your AC unit and keep it running as effectively as possible.

To clean the coils, remove any debris or build-up that may have accumulated on them using a soft brush or cloth. If the build-up is particularly stubborn, you may also need to use a commercial cleaner specifically for condenser coils.

Verify the air conditioner's thermostat is working properly

Always ensure that its thermostat is working correctly. The thermostat maintains the temperature inside the unit, so if it isn't functioning properly, your AC unit may be unable to maintain a comfortable temperature.

You can test the thermostat by setting it to a specific temperature and then checking to see if the unit cools or heats to that temperature within a reasonable amount of time.

If the thermostat isn't working correctly, you may need to replace it. Consult your air conditioner's owner's manual or a qualified HVAC technician for assistance.

Schedule a professional maintenance checkup for your AC unit.

Finally, a professional maintenance checkup for your AC unit is a great way to ensure that it runs efficiently and prolongs its life.

During the checkup, a technician will clean the condenser coils and inspect the unit for potential problems. They will also lubricate all the moving parts to prevent premature wear and tear.

Having a professional checkup once a year is a great way to keep your AC unit in top condition.


In conclusion, it is essential to take some time to prepare your home's central air conditioner for summer to ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively all season long.

Some simple tips include checking and replacing the filters, inspecting and cleaning the condenser coils, verifying that the thermostat is working properly, or scheduling a professional maintenance checkup.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.


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