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Worried about hidden leaks?Test the presence of moisture within the home.

what is a home inspection
Standard Home Inspection

A visual inspection of all of the systems of a home from the roof to the foundation.

new construction inspection
New Construction Final Inspection

Do I need a home inspection on a brand new house?

warranty inspection - new home warranty
Builder's Warranty Inspection

If you purchased a new home last year, you need a home inspection before your warranty runs out.

phase inspections

A multi-phase inspection process to ensure quality and code compliance during the new home building process.

foundation elevation - foundation repair North Texas
Foundation Elevations

Concerned about foundation movement? Add on a foundation elevation report.

termite inspection - WDI Inspection
WDI Inspections (Wood Destroying Insects)

This comprehensive report shows any evidence of current or previous WDI activity.

thermal image home inspection
Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras use heat signatures to identify a variety of problems that can't be seen with the human eye.

carbon monoxide in the home
Carbon Monoxide Testing

If you have gas appliances in your home, we perform these tests to make sure you're safe.

energy audit dallas
Home Energy Evaluations

We offer two levels of service to evaluation the energy efficiency of your home.

home pool inspection
Pool & Spa Inspections

Buying a home with a pool? 

We provide a detailed report on the condition of the pool and spa.

home energy audit dallas
Energy Report Card

A check list of items that will give you a specific picture of the energy efficiency of the home.

Phase Inspections
home inspection packages
Service Packages

We offer service packages tailored to the age of your home.

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