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Sewer Scope Inspection

Our Texas Home Inspectors use a high-end camera system called a Sewer Scope to view the interior of a homes main sewer pipe. The inspector begins at the cleanouts and continues out to the city connection. A recording is made during this process to show any issues and how many feet out they are so that repairs can be made.

sewer scope_edited.jpg

DISCLAIMER: The inspector will not observe every square inch of the sewer system, and may fail to see or note a defect. Defects may exist that cannot be detected by visual inspection only. The inspection and Inspection Report in no way lessen the risk or likelihood of repairs or replacements being needed at any time in the future. The inspection and Inspection Report DO NOT CONSTITUTE A WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. The inspector and his/her employees or agents shall not be held liable for the cost of repairing any defects or deficiencies, whether present at the time of the inspection or arising in the future, or for any consequential property damage or bodily injury of any nature.  The inspector is not responsible for claims relating to conditions that may be altered or repaired without notice or inspection.

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