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DFW Marketing Director

Michelle Green Headshot_edited.jpg

Austin Business Development Representative

Sales Director of Utility Connection Services

Meet The Team

Administrative/Marketing Team


TREC #10417

donna green headshot.JPG

Owner, Operations

Jordan green headshot.JPG

Executive Operations Manager

Kenzie green headshot.JPG

Operations Transaction Coordinator

Rachael green headshot.JPG

Scheduling Transaction Coordinator & Operations Liason

Brian green headshot_edited.jpg

Home Inspector 

TREC #23368

Adrian green headshot.JPG

Home Inspector 

TREC #23094

Alex green headshot_edited.jpg

Home Inspector 

TREC #23905

Home Inspector 

TREC #23094


Cody green headshot.JPG

Home Inspector 

TREC #22973

Luis green headshot_edited.jpg

Bilingual Home Inspector

 TREC #24807

Tracy green headshot_edited.jpg

Home Inspector

 TREC #24923

Sean L green headshot_edited.jpg

Home Inspector

 TREC #24928

Marshall green headshot.JPG

Sean Chapman

Home Inspector

 TREC #21190

Sean C green headshot_edited.jpg

Home Inspector

 TREC #25229

Jerry green headshot.JPG

Home Inspector

 TREC #24405

Danny green headshot

Home Inspector

 TREC #25997

Professional Affiliations:

Green Scene Home Inspections and our  inspectors are proud to be affiliated with these professional organizations.

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