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Phase Inspections

Building a new house from the ground up has its own set of challenges, and having a home inspector perform phase inspections ensures that your builder doesn't miss anything.

Phase inspection is a three or four-step process:

Phase 1: Pre-Pour Inspection takes place before the concrete slab is poured.

Phase 2: Pre-Drywall Inspection is completed after the house is framed and before the insulation and walls are put in.

Phase 3: Final Inspection takes place once the home is completed, before the final builder walk-through.

Phase 4: Builder's Warranty Inspection takes place before the builder's one-year warranty is up, to ensure that anything that has come up during the first year can be addressed by the builder.

How to tell when your home is ready for each Phase inspection:

        Phase 1/Pre-Pour: The trenches need to be completely dug out, the form boards in place around the perimeter and there should be cables running crossways from right to left and front to back.

      Phase 2/Pre-Drywall:

      -Windows installed

      -Framing Complete

      -Wrapped Sheathing

      -Electrical has been run

      -Plumbing installed

      -Strike plates in place

      -Roof installed

      -Mechanical installed for HVAC

      Phase 3/Final Construction

      -All utilties are on (electricity, water and gas)

      -All major appliances are installed

      -The house is sealed

      -HVAC is properly installed

Green Scene Home Inspections offers discount pricing for 3 or 4-phase packages. For a quote specific to your project, give us a call or request a quote online.

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