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Home Inspection LOLs

Spring is the busy season in real estate (not that there's been a slow season in Texas lately), and we find that laughter is truly the best medicine during stressful times. So here's some more #homeinspectionhumor from your friends at Green Scene!

When you're super busy, sometimes you have to multi-task. You've heard of a shower beer - here's shower tequila! We especially like that it's the FIRST container. This was not an afterthought.

Speaking of priorities, these folks re-tooled the opening meant for the dishwasher to make room for their wine fridge.


Here we have an all star cast of panel screws...the dream team of screws. There are a few types of screws that are acceptable for use in a panel box: the pointy ones are bad.

And finally, another excellent example of why you should never, ever DIY electrical. And a colorful expression to add to your vocabulary.


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