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Winter Home Maintenance

Are you taking care of your home seasonally? It’s easy to get behind on all the little tasks around the house that keep your home in shape as the seasons change. In the winter months, here are our recommendations for the most important tasks around your home.

winter home maintenance, ice on the roof, what to do in a freeze


  • Have your chimney professionally cleaned and checked.

  • Winterize all outdoor faucets and sprinkler system. (It may be 70 degrees outside, but an overnight freeze can happen out of the blue in Texas, y’all)

  • Make sure all window and door locks are working properly.

  • Check all caulking and replace/repair: window seals inside and out, bathroom & kitchen (shower/tub, commode, sinks).


  • Check your HVAC filters and change if needed.

  • Make sure your fire extinguisher in operational and not expired.

  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors.

  • Test all GFCI receptacles (electrical outlets).


  • Completely clean out refrigerator, disinfect and restock.

  • Run a drill of your fire escape plan. Ensure your routes are clear and accessible – windows open, no furniture blocking exits, etc.

  • Clean your range hood filter.

  • Test your water heater’s pressure relief valve.

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