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Foundation Elevation Survey

Before you call in an expensive Professional Engineer or foundation repair company, Green Scene can perform a Foundation Elevation Survey, an inexpensive but informative way to get the details you need on how the levelness of the first floor measures across a given distance as a baseline for future reference or against measurements previously taken in the same area in the past at a property.

The Basics:

What is a Foundation Elevation Inspection?

Our specially trained inspectors take detailed measurements of the entire house flooring using a ZIPLEVEL PRO­2000B High Precision Altimeter. These measurements will show you if, where, and/or to what degree it is out of level. Together with the presence of cracks and other evidence of movement, you can better determine if further action is necessary.


Who needs a Foundation Elevation Inspection?

If you are buying or selling a home, it’s a good idea to get this level of detail, particularly in North Texas where movement is almost a given. Knowing whether (and how much) work is needed will affect your decision-making about the price of the home and/or whether or not to purchase it.

Even new construction homes benefit from a Foundation Elevation Inspection. If it is found to be out of level, the builder can make repairs before you move in. If not, you have a record of a starting point, so 10 years down the line if cracks are appearing, you have measurements with which to compare.


What does the report tell me?

Our inspectors document the measurements and provide an elevation survey as part of the home inspection. Together with the detailed analysis of the presence of interior and exterior cracks, doors and windows that stick or won’t close, and other signs of foundation movement, you are armed with the best information possible without drilling into the slab.


Sample Foundation Elevations Survey

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