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Happy Fall! Time to Recover From Summer

Happy Fall! Before you break out the pumpkin spice and Halloween decorations, take some time to check your house for wear and tear after a long Texas summer.

Later this season, you'll need to do some Fall stuff like clearing leaves from the gutters and getting your chimney cleaned, but as much as we wish we could bust out those sweaters and jackets and put a fire in the fireplace, it's still in the 90's here in North Texas. So here are some post-summer home maintenance tips from your home inspector.

Check Your Sprinkler System

Your sprinkler system has had a workout in 2021 so far, from an extreme freeze to a long, hot summer. Watering season isn't quite over yet, so it's a good time to do a visual inspection of each head both when they're off and when they're running. Check for lawn mower damage, malfunctioning heads, heads pointed the wrong direction, and evidence of underground leaks.

Have Your AC Serviced

Speaking of things in your house that get a workout, your AC probably needs some TLC. If you haven't had it serviced this year, now is a great time. If you can't remember the last time you had your AC serviced, you are probably breathing this:

Have Your Pool Serviced

Pool owners know that a pool is the maintenance gift that keeps on giving year round, but since summer is high season, it may be time for a professional check up. If you do your own pool servicing, make sure you checking the pressure gauge periodically as high or low pressure lets you know there's a problem, like a clog or, as Fall kicks in, you may have a skimmer full of leaves.

If you'd like a professional to take a look at your home and give you advice about home maintenance and answer all your questions without selling you anything, why not #askahomeinspector? We have a new service called Zupkeep, that does just that. Find out more here.

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