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Some of Y'all Aren't Taking Good Care of Your Homes...And It Shows

You know who you are. You've walked past that leaky faucet a hundred times thinking you'll fix it later. You haven't changed your air filters in....ever? We get it. When you've got a lot going on, it's easy to become "house blind" to little repair and maintenance issues around the house. The problem is, those little issues can become major problems if they go unchecked.

Dryer Vent

When the laundry has that distinctive blend of fresh lavender and burning lint, it may be time to clean your dryer vent. Yes, you not only have to clean the vent inside the dryer, but the one outside your house as well. This is a fire hazard and will diminish the life of the dryer.

Water Leaks

Y'all are walking past that dripping hose bib like you didn't see it, and meanwhile there's mold growing under your house and your floorboards are starting to buckle.

Slow Draining Sink

That bathroom sink that drains slowly isn't a big deal...until it is. Take care of it before you flood the bathroom, the attic. and have to replace your AC pan. If Drano doesn't do the trick, call a plumber.

Seriously, it is so easy to walk through your house, not seeing all sorts of repair and maintenance issues. Did you know home inspections aren't just for when you're buying or selling your home? You can have a home maintenance inspection anytime. Test the different systems of your house to see how they're performing, and get yourself a to-do list of maintenance tasks to protect your investment.

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