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What's Wrong With This Picture? #InspectionFinds

It takes a trained eye to pick up on all the things a home inspector is looking for, but some problems in a home stand out more than others. Can you tell what's wrong in these pictures?

The High-Low switch is mislabeled. This wouldn't actually be flagged on an inspection report, but it just seems wrong, doesn't it?

How about this one?

This rather medieval looking door lock can't be opened from the other side. Which of course is a fire and safety hazard, as well as being more than a little bit creepy.

This one is harder.

That is asbestos pipe insulation. It's not necessarily a cause for panic. Asbestos is not dangerous unless it's breaking down. But if you have asbestos on your pipes, you'd want to have a plumber out to check them and determine whether you need to hire an asbestos remediation company to remove them.

Have questions about the house you own, or a house you hope to purchase? #AskAHomeInspector. Book a home inspection online here.


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