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When The Temperatures Heat Up, Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It's summer in Texas, and the heat is hard on everyone, especially folks who work in un-air conditioned spaces. We find that laughter is the best medicine during stressful times, and helps us all have a little more patience. So here's some more #homeinspectionhumor from your friends at Green Scene!

Did you know a group of armadillos is called a "Roll?" This roll of armadillos came out to say hello while our Inspector walked the yard. We don't care who you are, armadillos are funny.

Why do all the outlets in this house look so angry?

The "Tiger King" has a new line of shingles. 🐯😄

Happiness is... multitasking. (The shower head is positioned directly over the toilet)

When you've got time to kill waiting for your client to arrive...

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