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Most Desirable Traits According to Home Buyers

Do you have a vision of what your next home will be like? What attributes are most important to you? Here are the top 10 most desirable home features according to a report by the National Home Builder's Association.

10. Smart Home Features Eighty percent of home buyers said smart home capabilities like Nest (smart thermostat) and Ring (smart doorbell) were important to them. Home automation from media, to security systems, to temperature control are becoming more important to home owners. 9. Eat-in Kitchen The kitchen is the heart of the home, and buyers are looking for open, functional spaces that accommodate a variety of needs. Over 80% of buyers wanted an eat-in kitchen in their next home. 8. Garage With Storage A garage for parking and storage is a deal-maker or breaker for a lot of people. Eighty-two percent said this was important to them.

7. Ample Closet Space You can never have enough storage space! Home buyers overwhelmingly request homes with lots of closet space. 6. Hardwood Floors Despite innovations in tile and laminate flooring, hardwood floors are still king. Eight-seven percent said they wanted wood floors in their next home.

5. Patio Space to cook out, eat, play and entertain is a major factor for many people when shopping for homes. You can't go wrong with a great patio - 87% said they wanted one. 4. Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans make a bigger difference than you might think for air circulation and cutting heating and cooling costs. A whopping 89% of home buyers are looking for homes equipped with ceiling fans. 3. Energy Efficient Appliances & Windows Smart home buyers know that newer energy efficient windows and appliances are going to save them money and add value to their home - 90% say this is an important feature in purchasing a home.. 2. Exterior Lighting A well-lit home is a safer home, and 92% of home buyers are looking for good outdoor lighting. There's nothing more welcoming than a well-lit home at night. Extra points for energy efficient solar or LED lighting! 1. Laundry Room First-time home buyers may underestimate the importance of a separate, well-placed laundry room, but if you've ever had a poorly planned laundry situation, you'll know why this is at the top of the list. Ninety-three percent of home buyers said they needed a separate laundry room.

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