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Crawl Spaces Aren't So Scary

crawl space- dallas home inspector

A new home buyer can be in the honeymoon phase of their home-buying experience – until the dreaded home inspector arrives! At Green Scene Home Inspections, we like to think our inspectors inspire confidence in the home-buying process. We are not here to scare you, but to inform you.

One of our specialties at Green Scene Home Inspections is the Pier and Beam construction of homes from the 50’s and 60’s – in both great supply and demand right now in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And one of the places our inspectors boldly go where no one else will go is…..THE CRAWL SPACE.

To many homeowners, the crawl space is that unpleasant place under the house where many possible creatures and conditions can exist. Why is it even necessary to look at the crawl space? Pier and Beam construction homes have handy access to this area under the house (which is sealed in concrete with slab foundations), and there you can find connections to plumbing, air ducts, electrical wiring and other systems that are key to keeping your house running in tip top shape. What if, under the smooth veneer of a recently updated and upgraded home, there exists a plumbing leak into the crawl space? What if deteriorated ducts are leaking conditioned air into the crawl space, causing your electric bills to be inexplicably high? Not to mention termite damage or mold growth that can occur as a result of long term leaks or moisture intrusion. These are not items you would ever spot when walking through a newly painted and carpeted home!

It is in your best interest as a home buyer to be aware of any conditions that may be lurking in the crawl space. Many inspectors claim to offer crawl space inspections, but at the smallest sign of space or safety constraints, they will opt out of inspecting this area, as the state does not require them to do so. But we at Green Scene Home Inspections take pride in our reputation to present the most thorough findings on what may be the most important investment you'll make.

We know that the crawl space is an important place to maintain and be aware of as a homeowner. And remember, if issues are found in the crawl space, never fear – almost anything in a home can be repaired! But you should be aware of how much repairs will cost so you can have your best negotiation with the seller.

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