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6 Tips for Your Summer Garden in North Texas

The long, hot summer in North Texas can be hard on your home garden and yard, so we’ve put together these tips and resources from the experts to help your outdoors thrive this summer!
1. Add some color.

Yes, you can actually plant some colorful flowers that will thrive this summer. Try Mexican Firebush, Black-eyed Susan or Autumn Sage for flowering plants that like the heat.

2. Establish some cover.

In June you can plant some warm weather grasses like Bermuda as well as drought tolerant ground cover plants like Mexican Heather or thyme.

3. Let it grow.

Avoid any major pruning during the summer months. Clear away dead branches, stems, leaves and such, but wait on most cutting until fall.

4. Water in the wee hours.

Watering between 3am and 8am will help avoid fungal build up and reduce evaporation.

5. Air it out.

June is a great time to aerate your lawn. Make sure you water a little extra after aerating and lay down fertilizer.

6. Watch for pests.

Fire ants can be a problem in the summer. Try a pot of boiling water on the mound before resorting to poisons. Chinch bugs can also show up to destroy your lawn during the summer. Try pesticidal soap or call a professional.

With a little extra care, you can see your home garden and lawn through another hot Texas summer. Happy gardening!


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