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Home Inspection Video: a Tool for Homebuyers in a hot DFW Real Estate Market

The DFW real estate market is moving at a record pace, and people need tools to help make smart decisions when buying a home. Green Scene Home Inspections has a new service to help homebuyers: Home Inspection Video Presentation.

Buying a home in Dallas? This is an invaluable tool in the home inspection process. As you know, in this fast-paced market, home buyers face making an important decision under pressure of losing out on a property if they don’t act quickly enough. It is more crucial than ever to have as much information as possible during the option period.

Green Scene Home Inspection’s exclusive service is a way home buyers can gain a deeper understanding of a prospective home.

Our Home Inspection Video Presentation is a personalized video detail of each point on the home inspection. Benefits of a video summary include:

• A full visual record of the inspection in case the buyer or the agent can’t be present. • Easy to understand language to help illuminate the technical written report for clients. • Pictures and detailed explanations of the conditions in the written report. • A record of the inspection to share with spouses or family members that can’t be present at the time of inspection. • Clarification of what’s most important to address during the option period.

In today’s market, Dallas-area home buyers are demanding access to as much information as possible, as efficiently as possible.

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