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What Were They Thinking? Bad Real Estate Photos

When a person decides to list a home for sale, one would think that it would be obvious that while it's on the market, potential buyers and real estate professionals will be coming through the house. So you'd think a person would want to prepare the home to be seen. In the real estate biz, we know this is so often not the case.

Just what any prospective buyer looks for: luxurious outdoor living. Wouldn't you like to spend a relaxing afternoon on the patio in this hammock?

Nothing says "comfort" to a prospective buyer like a cozy 38 degrees inside the house.

Clogged, moldy air vents seem like a huge selling point to us, what do you think? The trail of moldy air along the ceiling is particularly nice. Even if you're not going to get your AC serviced, wouldn't you take some Windex to the vent and wall before putting your home on the market? Yikes. 

A water feature is definitely high on a lot of potential home buyers' lists! This particular water feature leaves much to be desired, however. #Yuck

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