Summer Home Maintenance for Texas Homes

Summers in Texas can be hard on your home, and it's important - perhaps more so than any other season of the year - to keep up with home maintenance tasks. Here are some examples of summer home maintenance that we recommend:

1. Clean Vent Registers

Your A/C is getting a workout this summer so it needs a little extra love. Add in the greater tendency for condensation around vents because of the extreme temperature differential between inside and outside, and you have a breeding ground for mold. Would you want to breathe in this house?

2. Water Your Foundation

One of the reasons we have so much foundation trouble in our area is because of our soil. During the summer, black clay soil gets super dry and constricts, which can cause it to pull away from the foundation. You want to keep it damp around the perimeter of the house, not wet. Here's a house that hasn't seen a drop of water in awhile:

3. Check For Outdoor Leaks

During the summer when water bills are high, it's a good idea to make sure you're not wasting water anywhere. Even a slight drip or pinhole leak in a hose can add up to a lot of water waste, but a leaky faucet could lead to bigger problems, as in this video:

Remember to take care of your home seasonally to keep it running efficiently and save costly repairs down the road.

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