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Spring Home Maintenance

With Spring comes all kinds of new life from grass, trees, and flowers (POLLEN), to all sorts of animal life like bunnies, chicks, birds, and BUGS. So we take the good with the not so good, and this week's Upon Closer Inspection is about how all that new spring life can affect your home.

Cut Back Your Trees

As all those pretty green leaves fill in your trees, make sure the branches are trimmed back from the roof, windows, and house structure, as well as any power lines. Falling tree branches are one of the major culprits in storm damage, and you can minimize this by having an arborist give your trees a nice trim.

Cut Back Foliage

That climbing ivy is pretty, but it's a conducive condition for wood destroying insects, like a nice little path from the ground to your house.

Swarming Carpenter Ants

Termites aren't the only type of wood destroying insect we find in North Texas. Carpenter Ants are very common. These little guys aren't nearly as destructive as termites, but they can be annoying, hard to get rid of, and they bite.

Look For Signs of Rodents

Coming into spring means the end of the season where rodents are trying to live in your house, although lots of folks see mice and rats all year. In this video, we see a garage that hasn't been maintained well, and the residents may not have been aware they had a major infestation. As part of your spring home maintenance, inspect your attic and garage for evidence of rodent infestation. If you find any, call pest control to find and seal the entry points, and make any necessary repairs.

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