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Spring Home Maintenance

Are you taking care of your home seasonally? It's easy to get behind on all the little tasks around the house that keep your home in shape as the seasons change. Here is our guide to seasonal home maintenance to help you keep track throughout the year.

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  • Check your HVAC filters and change if needed.

  • Make sure your fire extinguisher in operational and not expired.

  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors.

  • Test all GFCI receptacles (electrical outlets).


  • Remove leaves and debris from rain gutters. Make sure down spouts are positioned correctly and pointed away from the house.

  • Have the AC serviced and ensure clean vents and properly installed ductwork.


  • Inspect all exterior caulking and replace/refill where needed. Check around doors, windows and all points of entry into the home.

  • Check roof surface for any storm damage and/or foliage that needs to be cut back.


  • Check foundation for soil erosion or buildup from spring storms. Take note of cracks, pops and other signs of movement.

  • Test sprinkler system. Make sure all heads are functional and pointed in the right direction. Replace missing or broken parts and have leaks serviced.

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