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Know Before You Sell - Pre-Listing Inspections

Most people think about getting a home inspection when they're buying a home. A Buyer's Inspection helps you learn about the home so you can negotiate with the seller and/or plan for future expenses. Another type of home inspection is known as a Pre-Listing Inspection.

A Pre-Listing inspection is useful when you're planning to sell your home so you can make decisions about what you want to fix or improve, and what you want to leave "as is." Armed with a pre-listing inspection report, you can make decisions about how to price the home, and know ahead of time what may come up at the negotiating table. As the DFW area transitions to more of a Buyer's Market, this is a great tool for sellers, who may not be fortunate enough to be choosing between multiple offers on their home.

Here are some examples of why it's a good idea to have a Pre-Listing Inspection:

When you live in a house for a while, some of the quirky DIY fixes you've done over the years become your normal, but might look kind of janky to a potential buyer. You may want to replace this with a more "industry standard" set up.

Again - this quick fix may have worked for you thus far, but your prospective buyer may ask for an real drain pan here.

Here we have some soil erosion that has taken place, uncovering too much of the foundation. This will get called out on an inspection report. This is an example of something you could probably fix yourself, or have a friend or family member do for you - building up the ground level around the foundation. If it becomes a negotiation issue with a buyer, you will have to use a licensed vendor and show receipts.

The HVAC system is one of the most costly and important parts of the home, and you can bet your potential buyers will be interested in how it is functioning. In a pre-listing inspection, you'll get a sense of how your buyers will view it. Is it near the end of its life, or does it just need to be cleaned and serviced? Better to know before you go on the market. In this video, the inspector makes recommendations for an HVAC system.

The more details you can fix ahead of time, the better your house will look to a prospective buyer - and the more $$ you can save doing work yourself, as opposed to hiring a professional. A lot of little things can make for a long inspection report and make your buyer think the home needs too much work.

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