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Haunting Home Inspection Finds

With Halloween coming up this week, we thought we'd share some scary stuff that can be found in houses (cue the eerie music). From a home inspector's perspective, "scary" can mean a lot of things - dangerous conditions, creepy critters, and some seriously strange stuff in the crawl space.

Here are some haunting #HomeInspectionFinds:

Crawl Space Graveyard

If we're being honest, the crawl space is always kind of creepy. But this is one for the books. When going through the video of the inspection of this 1913 house, the client, who was a nurse, said, "Wait, is that a femur?"

Someone's Watching

Speaking of crawl spaces, Ever have that feeling like you're being watched? This creepy kitty caused the inspector to "jump out of his skin," which is no small task when you're under a house.

Lurking In The Closet

This homeowner has a chilling sense of humor. This lifelike dummy makes a terrifying surprise when you open the door to the water heater closet.

Not a Good Sign

Climbing up a steeply pitched roof is a little scary under normal conditions, but this just feels like a bad omen.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from all of us at Green Scene Home Inspections!

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