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6 Things To Know About DFW Homes

We asked our Inspectors to tell us common problems they find in the homes they inspect that are specific to homes in our area. If you're new to the area, or purchasing a home for the first time, these are conditions you should look for.

Black clay cracks

1. Gray and Black Clay Soil

Gray and black clay soils are common to North Texas. This type of soil causes foundation movement because of the way it expands and contracts with weather changes.

2. Hard Water

DFW water can be hard on fixtures and pipes, causing mineral build up or corrosion over time.

3. Big Storms Major storms from strong thunder and lighting storms to tornados are common to North Texas. High winds and hail causes roof damage.

Hail damage

4. Heat and Humidity The sometimes harsh climate can be hard on a house, causing issues from cracking paint to expanding window seals. The climate almost provides a great environment for insects, including wood destroying ones like termites.

5. Cast Iron Plumbing

Cast iron is still very much in use as drain lines, Unfortunately cast iron pipes have a life expectancy, and begin to corrode over time. Replacing them can be pretty expensive.

Corroded cast iron plumbing viewed from the crawl space

6. Pier & Beam Foundations Many homes in North Texas, especially those built before 1970, have pier & beam foundations. If you're purchasing a pier & beam home, be sure to get a crawl space inspection.

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