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What's Your Holiday Decoration Style?

During the holidays, lots of folks love to deck out their homes with beautiful lights and decorations. It's wonderful to drive through the neighborhoods of Dallas - Fort Worth to see all the fun and unique decorations. Have you noticed that holiday decorations seem to fall into a few categories? Do you have these on your block? What type of holiday decorator are you?

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1. Clark Griswold

This is, of course, the over-the-top house on the block with every square inch covered in light and decoration. The homeowners who you can only imagine are tripling their electric bill each December.

2. The Architect

Otherwise known as the perfectionist, the Architect outlines the eaves, gables and intricate lines of his home with perfect precision - probably with tiny white lights. The trees look as if each leaf has been delicately lit.

3. The Minimalist

This holiday decorator believes that less is more - that the most powerful statements can be made simply. You might see a few well placed candles in windows or a perfectly tasteful wreath adorning this home.

4. The Comedian

This jokester always finds the latest funny holiday inflatable or goofy set-up like Santa's legs sticking out of the chimney. These fun-loving homeowners also probably have antlers and a red nose on their SUVs.

5. Unfinished Business

These folks dream of holiday greatness, but never quite get the job done. They might get part of a tree lit or half of a roof, but before you know it, the holidays have passed with nothing but "HO" lit up on the roof.

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