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Winterize Your Home

Is your home ready for freezing temperatures? Here's our #AskAHomeInspector guide to winterizing your home.

Winterize Your Home – From the Outside In

Garden, Grounds, Sprinkler System

  • Garden & Lawn – now is the time to trim it back and keep it clean. Don’t let leaves accumulate and stay for long periods. Put a nutrient winterizer on your lawn to keep your grass healthy through the winter

  • Sprinkler system – the main thing is to remove the water from the system before a freeze. 3 ways: the manual drain valve method, the automatic drain valve method or the compressed air blow-out method.

  • Patio furniture - bring any non-weatherproof materials in for storage.

  • Roof Area

  • Remove fall leaves

  • Clean gutters

  • Trim back trees from roof

  • Trim back branches from power lines

  • Seal soffits & eaves

  • Check GFCI’s in soffits

  • Cover whirly bird type vents

  • Attic Area

  • Service your heater, esp gas

  • Insulate water heater (careful with gas)

  • Cover pipes that run through non-heated areas

  • Chimney

  • Call a chimney sweep

  • Keep damper closed when not in use

  • Walls

  • Consider having an energy audit to see where you are losing heat.

  • Fix insulation gaps

  • Seal windows & doors

  • Exterior faucets

  • Seal plumbing penetration points

  • Consider removing solar screens on windows. Uncover south facing windows

  • Crawl space vent covers


  • Check seals on interior windows & doors

  • Clear all vents

  • Change filters

  • Make sure cold air return vents are clear

  • Turn ceiling fans to clockwise, slow speed to encourage to help circulate warm air.

  • Insulate interior pipes - any pipes that are in non-conditioned air (crawlspace, under cabinets, attic, garage)

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