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Rats and Mice and Squirrels– Oh My!

We talked with our Partner Vendor, Greg Dyer of Green Pest Guys, about some of the most common calls he gets this time of year. “Look no farther than your Halloween decorations if you’re wondering what pests to watch for this time of year – rats, snakes, spiders…” Yikes.

Greg said the main cause for concern in the Dallas – Fort Worth area is rodents. As the weather begins to cool, rodents are looking for shelter for the winter. We asked him what homeowners should look for to know if they have rodents, what preventative steps they can take to keep them out and when it’s time to call a professional.

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What to Watch For:

You have to be somewhat vigilant this time of year. Take the time to inspect the nooks and crannies of your home. Rodents love nooks and crannies. Droppings are an obvious sign that rodents are present, but other telltale signs include shredded bits of trash; wood, ductwork or plastic tubing that’s been chewed; and signs of grease or dirt along baseboards, closets, cupboards and in the attic.

Rats, mice and squirrels will sharpen their teeth on hard wood or metal parts on your home, then shred anything they can to build their nests. Rats in particular will leave a dirty, greasy track along the path they take collecting food or nest material. (Eek!)

What Can I Do?

Eliminate what rodents are looking for – access to food and shelter.

Quick Checklist:

  • Store pet food

  • Keep bird feeders away from the house

  • Keep garbage shut tight

  • Remove fallen fruit from the yard

  • Keep pantry items sealed

  • Seal broken seals on doors, windows, siding and brick around your home

  • Close any gaps around outdoor vents, exhaust pipes and drains

  • Make sure any flashing around roof area and chimney are sealed

Do I need a professional?

If you see, hear or smell signs of a rodent infestation, chances are good that you should consult a professional. There are traps and poisons you can set yourself, but it’s a long, messy and in some cases dangerous process. You’re more likely to rid yourself of the problem the first time, before things get really scary if you use an expert.

As home inspectors, we will inform you if we find any signs of current or previous infestations. Click here to contact us with questions.

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