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Home Inspection Terms: What in the World is a Weep Hole?

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a veteran of the home buying process, there are probably systems in your home that you’re unfamiliar with. Next time you buy a home, there are probably going to be items on your home inspection report that don’t immediately make sense. Green Scene Home Inspectors are unique in that they walk home buyers through the inspection report, both onsite and by providing a home inspection video, a visual record of the home inspection for reference when going over the report.

home inspection jargon

Here are some common terms you may come across when examining your report.


Material installed on roof structures that is specifically designed and placed to prevent water from penetrating the structure. You’ll commonly see flashing details around chimneys, vent pipes, walls that abut the roof and any roof openings. Flashing is usually made out of metal, rubber or plastic.

Weep Hole

A small hole or opening in brick or mortar which allows water to “weep” from behind a wall’s veneer. When it rains, water is absorbed by the brick and mortar on the outside of your home. Weep holes placed near the bottom of the structure allow water to drain and also keep air flowing to help dry the structure.


The cross piece between the horizontal supports of a door, window, fireplace or portal. A lintel can be load-bearing or merely decorative.


The flat board or other material that covers the rafters in the roof structure. The fascia often supports the gutter.


A soffit refers to the exposed undersurface of the roof and also the type of structure found in many places in the home that covers structural elements like, arches, vent hoods, kitchen cabinets, stairs and more.

Radiant Barrier

A type of thermal insulation that inhibits heat transfer from thermal radiation


A separate space for air circulation typically provided in the space between the structural ceiling and a drop-down ceiling or under a raised floor.

Need more help deciphering your inspection report? Give us a call at Green Scene Home Inspections!

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