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Fireworks Safety Tips: or How To Not Set Your Home (or Yourself) on Fire This Fourth of July

Here at Green Scene Home Inspections, we LOVE the Fourth of July. The best fireworks safety tip is to leave the fireworks to the professionals, and go to a formal fireworks show on the Fourth. But if you’re like us, you will not pass up the opportunity to blow a few things up. So here are some precautions you can take to make sure you don’t set your home (or yourself) on fire this Fourth of July.

fireworks safety, fourth of july

1. Make sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly. You should do this at the beginning of each season anyway. Double check your smoke detectors, and go ahead and change the batteries if it’s been awhile. Hopefully we don’t need to tell you not to set off fireworks inside your home. However, flying embers, sparks or burning bits of leaves and grass could quickly turn your Fourth of July party into a disaster.

2. Keep a bucket of water handy. Have a full bucket of water within reach when setting off fireworks. In case something unexpected happens, you can quickly extinguish a lit firecracker.

3. Follow the instructions. Take the time to read the instructions. No matter how many times you’ve set off fireworks, you never know whether one product will be the same as the next.

4. PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOUR KIDS AND YOUR PETS ARE! This should go without saying, but before you set off any fireworks, STOP, and locate your kids, your pets, and anyone else you’d rather not set on fire. Let’s not discuss what could happen with kids running around in the line of fire, or poor Fido thinking it’s time to fetch.

5. Make sure your fire extinguishers are in working order. Chances are you won't need a fire extinguisher. But wouldn't you rather know where it is and that it works before you need it? You should do a seasonal check on these anyway, so here's a great reason.

6. Fireworks are DANGEROUS. Pay attention. Even sparklers – did you know they burn up to 1,200 degrees? That’s hot enough to melt glass. Treat them with respect, follow instructions and keep all your fingers and toes.

Most importantly, have a fun, safe and happy Fourth of July celebration from your friends at Green Scene Home Inspections!

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