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New Construction Needs An Inspection, Too

If you're buying a newly constructed home, you might think to yourself, why would I need a home inspection? The truth is, you probably need a home inspection even more on a new construction home. A newly built home hasn't been tested by having someone live in it to find all the little problems and missed details from construction, so having an inspector put the home's systems through some stress is a great idea before you move in. 

Here are some examples of issues we've found with new homes.

This brand new townhome had missing window sills on four exterior windows. Seems like kind of a major oversight.

The plumbing on this luxury bathtub is not connected. That would have been a heck of a mess instead of a relaxing bath. The inspector said he's seen this on a number of new construction homes.


When the guy who installed the sprinkler system and the guy who installed the fence don't communicate. We see this specific problem all the time. These are all pretty small issues, but they can add up to big headaches for a new homeowner. Buying a newly constructed house? Get a free quote for a home inspection here. Building a home from the ground up? Make sure you hire a phase inspector!


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