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Love is... Home Maintenance

Who doesn’t love a good holiday metaphor? It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and as Home Inspectors we know that the relationship you have with your home is important. Remember the first time you glimpsed your home on Zillow? The first showing when you started to picture where your stuff would go, and how your family might grow there?

We’re here to help make the romance last with your home! Care for your home like you would in any healthy relationship.

Love is...maintenance

1. Give Your Home A Special Treat Now and Then

Having your AC serviced is like getting your partner a spa day. Technically you could do it yourself, but leave it to a professional to really get the kinks out. Like the fins on this outdoor unit- yikes!

air conditioning fins

2. Deal With Problems Right Away

As in any relationship, it’s easier to deal with a problem when it’s fresh than when it’s been allowed to fester- like this water leak that has grown mold and is breaking down the wall. (Metaphors galore!)

water leak mold

3. A Hug Can Do A World of Good

Wrap your home in the warm embrace of at least 13 inches of insulation.

maintain insulation

4. In With The Good And Out With The Bad

Green features like solar screens, window and door seals and insulation keep your home performing efficiently in every season. Everything is better when your bills are lower.

The key to a healthy relationship is communication; and the way we communicate with our homes is with regular maintenance and by paying attention to the little things, every day.


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