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Home Inspection Spotlight: DIY Fails

One of the things home inspectors run into a lot is homeowners who have attempted DIY repairs and renovations with limited success... or in some cases epic fails.

In the picture above, that blue box is a junction box that goes into the wall to source electricity. What you're looking at here is where someone set up a junction box and connected a live wire to it...and just left it. So we have a live wire just sitting there in the cabinet waiting for someone to get shocked or start a fire. Please call an electrician when electricity is involved, people. #DIYFail

This particular electrical job shouldn't have required an expert. (Yeah, that's the wrong hole.) #DIYFail

That's not how you use caulk. #DIYFail

If you decide to install your own water heater, make sure you check whether the area has another use. This DIY-er will discover this the next time he needs to flip a breaker, and he can't open the door to the panel box. #DIYFail

These happy homeowners thought they'd save some $$ installing outdoor lighting themselves. Just in case this looks like a good idea to you, your surge protector was not made for outdoor use. #DIYFail

DIY AC repair is never a good idea. But if you're needing a quick fix, it's called DUCT tape for a reason. (Masking tape, smh!) Also, this DIY-er has taped the filter door shut, for extra #DIYFail points. The moral of the story? If you're going to DIY, make sure you know what you're doing. You may save money by doing it yourself, but you could end up with an even more expensive repair, or devaluing your home if you get it wrong.

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