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Common Home Inspection Problems

When you need a home inspection, whether you are considering buying a home, selling your home, or doing a maintenance check on your current home, there are any number of issues the inspection may reveal. Nevertheless, there are some problems that are more common than others, especially in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. Our Home Inspectors put together some of the most common home inspection problems they see in the field.

1. Dirty/Moldy Vents

Unfortunately, people aren't always great about maintaining their HVAC systems. As one of the most expensive - and most relied upon - systems of your home, it's important to keep these components clean. Build up of dirt and mold is bad for air quality and makes your system work harder, which shortens its life and costs you money.

2. Old Ductwork

This picture shows a common problem we find from houses built in the 1980's. This kind of disintegrating ductwork is no longer used and needs to be replaced if you have it in your home.

3. Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

These can be dangerous and need to be replaced. Read more about Fed-Pac panels here.

Whether you're preparing for a home purchase or a home sale, it's a good idea to get familiar with issues that are likely to come up on a home inspection. If you have questions before your inspection, we are here to help.


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