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Hometown Heroes: Mrs. Flores-Davis' 5th Grade Classroom in Irving, TX

The new school year is in full swing and Green Scene Home Inspections has been raising funds in August and September to support Dallas-Ft. Worth teachers through Meet Melissa Flores-Davis, 5th grade teacher at Elliott Elementary School in Irving, TX, and one of our sponsored projects.

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“My 5th Graders are poised to do amazing things in this world. "

Mrs. Flores-Davis's eighty English-Language Arts students are using technology to learn and create, and their Adopt-A-Classroom project is about funding access to cutting edge resources that are not covered by the school's budget. "Our 5th Grade Team is excited about integrating technology into the classroom. We're using Smore, Google Classroom and other online resources to make learning exciting and to build the 21st century skills (like collaboration and inquiry) our kids need. We could really use your help buying some Chromebooks and/or Kindles so we can get closer to having a one-to-one ratio for all of these exciting projects we have planned."

Mrs. Flores-Davis says programs like these help underprivileged children bridge the achievement gap. "We are a No Excuses school, so they're not going to let language and/or economic difficulties stand in the way of their dreams for college. I want to give them a boost by making sure they have all the materials and experiences they need to achieve those dreams."

Clayton Bailey, Owner of Green Scene Home Inspections, will be visiting Elliott Elementary later this month to talk with students about starting his own business. Click here to find out more or to donate to Mrs. Flores-Davis' classroom, and stayed tuned for pictures from our visit to Elliott Elementary!

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