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Phase Two: Pre-Drywall Inspection

Phase Two of the phase inspection process is an inspection once the frame, the roof , windows and exterior cladding are complete - but before the insulation and walls are put in. Sheet rock and insulation cover materials like the window flashing, wiring, and the components of the frame itself. For example:

1. Flashing around windows and other points of penetration may be installed improperly and allow water or air to leak into the home. 

2. Load bearing studs are often over-stressed by being cut or moved for utility installation.

3. Improper installation of air and water-barrier systems allowing unconditioned air into the home's thermal envelope.

The  Pre-Drywall Inspection take place at another crucial time in the building process. Errors found at this point can be easily fixed; problems not found at this point can cause major damage down the road.

phase inspection
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