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Water Damage After Winter Weather

A lot of homeowners have been dealing with different types of water damage caused by the extreme winter weather in February, so we're taking a look at some of the different kinds of water damage we see as home inspectors; i.e. some things home buyers will want to look for as they're shopping for homes this spring.

Discolored flooring is a good indicator that you have water between the floor and the slab. This was likely caused by the negative drainage in the back of the home.

This Inspector found a pretty crazy surprise upon returning to re-inspect a home after repairs had been done. Before you ask, no, ductwork is not rated for use as a water balloon.

In this case, the Inspector followed the path of the potential water leak and found it leaking through the foundation slab.

Whether the water is outside coming in, or inside going out, water can be incredibly destructive when it goes where it's not supposed to be!


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