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Energy Efficiency At Home: Air Infiltration

One major way your home could be losing energy is through air infiltration. Imagine a tub filled with water. If there is any crack or opening in the tub, water will leak out of the opening, right? Air acts the same way in your house. The conditioned air you’re paying for creates pressure inside your home, and any openings allow it to escape, like water from the tub. Air can escape your home much faster than you think, and the more conditioned air that escapes, the harder your HVAC has to work. In older homes, the air completely changes about every 45 minutes, while newer, more efficient homes take about 3.5 hours to change completely.


Our Home Energy Evaluation shows you all the places in the home you could be leaking air. Some common culprits are broken seals on windows and doors, can lights (These are awful! You might as well leave a window open), outlet and switch plate covers (you’d be surprised how much air escapes through unsealed plate covers), attic pull downs and plumbing penetrations.


  • Make sure you have quality insulation in walls, floors and ceiling.

  • Seal windows and doors with weather stripping and caulk.

  • Change out can lights with more efficient fixtures.

  • Seal outlet and switch plate covers with gaskets, caulk and/or replace with air-tight junction boxes.

  • Seal attic entry points and all plumbing penetrations.

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