Thermal Imaging Home Inspection – Do I Need It?

In this fast-paced market, people buying a home in Dallas face making an important decision under pressure of losing out on a property if they don’t act quickly enough. It is more important than ever to have as much information as possible during the option period – normally just 7-10 days. Thermal Imaging is one way that home buyers can gain a deeper knowledge of a prospective home.

We’re focused on this informative service this July, during the hottest season of the year, when your home is potentially losing a lot of energy. Click here to get a discount on this service with your home inspection.

Thermal Image Testing

Thermal Imagery is generated by use of an infrared camera during the home inspection, which allows inspectors to see many kinds of potential damage not visible to the naked eye. Using thermal imagery, a home inspector could reveal:

  • Energy loss: heat loss in walls, seal damage in windows and doorways and leaks in air compressors.
  • Hot spots: damaged or overloaded circuits, overheated or malfunctioning electrical equipment.
  • Moisture leaks: water intrusions in foundation or interior walls, roof leaks, plumbing leaks and missing, damaged or wet insulation.
  • Pest problems: presence of termites, other wood boring insects and rodents.

Here are some actual photos from home inspections, examples of the kind of problems that can be revealed :


Leak around air conditioning vent


Missing or faulty insulation AND heat leakage around can lights


Overloaded circuit breaker


Can lights and attic entry both leaking heat into the home

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