Common Home Inspection Problems I

When you need a home inspection, whether you are considering buying a home, selling your home, or doing a maintenance check on your current home, there are any number of issues the inspection may reveal. Nevertheless, there are some problems that are more common than others, especially in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Our Home Inspectors put together the most common problems they see in the field.


1. HVAC Needs Service

Unfortunately it’s often the case that HVAC systems go unnoticed until they aren’t heating or cooling when we want them. Beyond the occasional filter change, many homeowners don’t do much maintenance on their  HVAC. Dirty, leaking or malfunctioning HVAC components turn up on most home inspection reports. You can easily avoid this – and extend the life of your HVAC – by scheduling seasonal maintenance checks with a licensed HVAC company.


2. Low Soil Line

Soil erosion along the foundation is another issue we commonly see in North Texas. This is a problem because the soil helps support the foundation and leaving the foundation exposed like this can cause major damage. Soil erosion is caused by water carrying soil away along the edges of your house.  If you have soil erosion, make sure you rain gutters are working properly, carrying water away from the foundation. If your home is built on an incline, causing natural erosion when it rains, you may need to replace to soil periodically.


3. Branches Too Close To Roof

This is a great example of a little seasonal maintenance preventing potential problems. Tree branches growing too close to roof structures can wreak all kinds of havoc on your roof when storms or high winds occur. You’ll see pictures like this one on many home inspection reports, leading to other problems like damaged shingles and loose or missing flashing.


4. Missing Closet Fixture

Little details like this can build up. An exposed bulb in a closet is a fire hazard and a code violation. You’d be surprised how many times this comes up. You just need a globe or some kind of fixture to resolve this.


Whether you’re preparing for a home purchase or a home sale, it’s a good idea to get familiar with issues that are likely to come up on a home inspection. If you have questions before your inspection, we are here to help. Give us a call at (214) 796-7707 or email

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