Don’t Miss Next Week at Leadership!

The benefits of being a part of MetroTex Leadership Academy are many. Year after year, this wonderful program lifts up its members, both personally and professionally. One of the core parts of the program is “Rainbow Leadership,” which links leadership styles with matching colors.
Rainbow Leadership helps you discover not only your own leadership style, but teaches you how to recognize the styles of those around you. Understanding how you work best can only make you a better leader and a better person. Understanding your employees, co-workers and peers’ areas of strength and challenge makes it easier, more efficient – and more pleasant – to function at work.
MetroTex Leadership Alums have found these exercises to be invaluable in giving them tools for:
– understanding and communicating better with clients.
– delegating tasks within a team (giving the right job to the right person).
– personal growth as a professional and as a leader.
– managing communication among all the various parties that come into a real estate transaction.
The benefits of Leadership don’t stop when your class graduates. All alumni are welcome to keep coming back for more great networking and leadership growth. At next week’s meeting, we will be working in groups to challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zone. In these fun (and sometimes frustrating!) activities, we will find news ways to solve problems, increase productivity, communicate and work well with others.