DFW Homes Built in 2006-2015

2005-2014 house

These newer homes require a practiced eye to pick out potential problems. Check our list of recommended services to make sure you know before you buy! 


  • Gas Systems/Carbon Monoxide Test
    A comprehensive Gas Systems/Carbon Monoxide test includes: Verifying that CO detectors are in place in the required areas: in the vicinity of the bedrooms, on each level of the house, and in the vicinity of any attached garage. Testing all accessible Carbon Monoxide Alarms in the House. Sampling the air in the vicinity of all the fuel-fired appliances to determine CO levels.
  • Thermal/Infrared Evaluation
    Thermal imaging cameras use heat signatures to identify a variety of problems that could not be seen with the human eye: such as plumbing leaks behind walls, ceilings and floors; hot electrical wires buried behind walls or switch plates; missing insulation on walls and ceilings; air leaks in the building envelope; and air leaks in the HVAC duct system. Thermal Imaging is one of the most informative, effective and accurate tests a home inspector can perform for you.
  • Onsite Video of Home Inspection Presentation

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