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East Dallas Home Inspector says – don’t roast your chestnuts in an unsafe fireplace!

greenscene : June 3, 2014 9:01 pm : Blog

chestnutsEast Dallas Home Inspector says – don’t roast your chestnuts in an unsafe fireplace!

In North Texas, we hardly ever have a chance to use our fireplaces. But when temperatures get down to 30-40 degrees outside, our caveman instincts kick in and we are ready to be warmed by a nice cozy fire. Maybe to roast marshmallows for S’mores with the kids, or share champagne and strawberries with your significant other! The fireplace becomes the epicenter of the home when the weather and/or the time is right. Most of us just throw in some wood or turn on the gas and let the good times roll, right?

What if you just recently purchased your home and the first time you decide to break in the fireplace, smoke starts to fill the house and a fire breaks out? Not a handy time to consider the chances that the previous occupants did the recommended annual fireplace maintenance…..?! If you bought your home new, did the builder hire subcontractors that know the proper installation, clearances, and safety requirements when building the fireplace and chimney? And was a proper inspection done on both? Sounds like the weather inside is frightful….

The (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association has put guidelines on the levels of inspection that a fireplace and chimney should go through. Prior to 2000 it was up to the company doing the inspection how thorough that inspection had to be. NFPA now has three levels of certifications.

Level 1- This is the most basic of inspections and is done when an annual chimney sweep is performed. A level 1 inspection is done after the chimney cleaning – it is a visual inspection on the basic construction and mechanisms in the fireplace. The inspector is looking at the overall condition of the fireplace chimney, making sure there is no debris or obstruction blocking the flue.
Level 2- An inspection is done when something has been changed in the appliance such as fuel type, changes in material or the shape of the flue (relining), or replacing an appliance of dissimilar type of efficiency or input rating. A level 2 inspection should also be done when the property changes hands.
Level 3- This inspection is the most extensive and can require the technician to take apart components of the unit to inspect further. These technicians have the proper equipment to inspect deeper down into the chimney and flue. A level 3 inspection may also be required to inspect if the chimney crown has been rebuilt or if the back wall bricks of the fire box have been replaced, two of the most common repairs that chimneys and fireplaces undertake in their lifetimes.

The most important part of this story to a Dallas Home Inspector and Realtor is to recommend a Level 2 Inspection. Green Scene Home Inspections always recommends that the fireplace and chimney be cleaned and re-evaluated by a licensed, certified, qualified, professional NFPA technician with a Level 2 Inspection upon taking ownership of the home. This removes liability and risk to the Dallas Home Inspector and Realtor.

Order your next Dallas Home Inspection from Green Scene Home Inspections and have the most positive and safe home buying experience possible.

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East Dallas Home Inspector – Crawl Space is not so scary after all!

greenscene : June 3, 2014 9:00 pm : Blog

East Dallas Home Inspector Clayton Bailey with Green Scene Home Inspections wants you to know… Crawl Spaces are not so scary after all!

A new homebuyer can be in the honeymoon phase of their homebuying experience – until the dreaded home inspector arrives! At Green Scene Home Inspections, we like to think our inspectors inspire confidence in the home-buying process. We are not here to scare you, but to inform you! Green Scene Home Inspections has as one of their many specialties the Pier and Beam construction of homes from the 50’s and 60’s – in both great supply and demand right now in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And one of the places Green Scene Home Inspections will boldly go where no one else will go is…..THE CRAWL SPACE.

To many homeowners, the crawl space is that unpleasant place under the house where many possible creatures and conditions can exist. Why is it even necessary to look at the crawl space? Pier-and-beam construction homes have the handy access to this area under the house (which is otherwise sealed in concrete with the more modern slab foundations), and there you can find connections to plumbing, air ducts, electrical wiring and other parts that are key to keeping your house running in tip top shape. What if, under the smooth veneer of a recently updated and upgraded home, there exists a plumbing leak into the crawl space? What if deteriorated ducts are leaking conditioned air into the crawl space, causing your electric bills to be unexplainably high? Not to mention termite damage or mold growth that can occur as a result of long term leaks or moisture intrusion. These are not items you would ever spot when walking through a newly painted and carpeted home!

It is in your best interest as a homebuyer to be aware of any conditions lurking in the crawl space. Many inspectors claim to offer free crawl space inspections, but at the smallest sign of space or safety constraints, they will opt out of inspecting this area, as the state does not require them to do so. But we at Green Scene Home Inspections take pride in our reputation to present the most thorough findings on the home that you plan to support your family and your lifestyle for many years to come. We charge only $50 for this service, and we are equipped with the best in safety gear and protection, so we can complete the most through inspection possible under the house, which averages 45 minutes to an hour and a half. We know that the crawl space is an important place to maintain and be aware of as a homeowner. And remember, if issues are found in the crawl space, never fear – almost anything in a home can be repaired! But you should be aware of how much repairs will cost so you can have your best negotiation with the seller.

East Dallas Home Inspector, Clayton Bailey with Green Scene Home Inspections, can be reached at 214-796-7707. Clayton has been providing environmentally focused home inspections since 2008. Give us a call!

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East Dallas Home Inspection offers a return on investment

greenscene : June 3, 2014 8:50 pm : Blog

East Dallas Home Inspection company Green Scene Home Inspections offers a generous return on investment.

East Dallas Home Inspection offers a return on investment by offering two inspections for the price of one. The first inspection is your standard state certified home inspection on the condition of the property regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. The second inspection is based on the performance of your property. This inspection is done 3-6 months after clients settled in their new home. When you buy a car wouldn’t one of the questions top on your list be, What type of gas mileage does it get? So why wouldn’t you want to know how much you could be spending on you energy costs?

Green Scene Home Inspections can be reached at 214-796-7707.

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East Dallas Home Inspector shows the benefits of green in real estate.

greenscene : June 3, 2014 8:31 pm : Blog

East Dallas Home Inspector shows the benefits of green in real estate.

In today’s world every one is trying to save money by conserving energy while also living healthy and comfortable. In the North Texas area we have been trying to survive the extremely hot summers and cold winters. Architects and builders are currently building in a very efficient way. Homes and buildings constructed into today’s world are pocket book friendly. Homes built in North Texas today are on average %30-50 more efficient than a home built in the 80’s. Home buyers like the idea of moving into a house that has low energy bills and is very comfortable in this Texas heat.

The big elephant in the room is the home that is 20 years old or older. There are ways to apply the same current building science technologies into the 20 year plus old home. Home owners just need to be educated on how to do it. What happens is the salesmen that wants to sell you the magic bullet. There is not just one thing that can just fix it all. The biggest culprit is the HVAC company. It is true that heating and cooling costs account for %50-60 of our energy bill. It is possible that by installing a more energy efficient system will reduce your energy costs. Here comes the reality. A heart surgeon would never recommend a heart transplant if there was just a blocked artery. The surgeon would just fix that valve or artery and suggest a heart healthy diet. Why would you want to replace an entire Heating and Cooling system that works just fine it’s just not the latest and greatest most energy efficient but it works? Let me explain….

I like to explain the building science of a home or building as the “Ice Chest” effect. All six sides are insulated and encapsulated. If you leave the lid of an ice chest up just a little. The ice melts quicker than if it were built closed. A house is hopefully insulated on all sides. Every door, window or penetration through the wall is a spot that the cool air being pumped into the house can leak out.  Or that there is a possible area for heat transfer.

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One More Reason to get a PRE-Listing Inspection!

greenscene : April 26, 2014 4:41 pm : Blog

East Dallas Home Inspector Clayton Bailey with Green Scene Home Inspections suggests ONE MORE REASON TO GET A PRE-LISTING INSPECTION!

Watch this video to see what could be lurking under your Pier and Beam house….

East Dallas Home Inspector, Clayton Bailey with Green Scene Home Inspections, can be reached at 214-796-7707. Clayton has been providing environmentally focused home inspections since 2008. Give us a call!

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