Green Scene Home Inspections

Fourth-generation Real Estate Professional Clayton Bailey, Owner of Green Scene Home Inspections, has the first and only Hybrid Inspection Team in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Green Scene Home Inspections offers Dallas Home Inspection services that you can’t find anywhere else:


#1 A reputation for great detail and thoroughness – we are a high-end inspection firm that puts our buyers priorities first. We put your mind at ease so you can avoid costly surprises. Choosing a fast, cheap inspector can be one of the most expensive mistakes you can make – don’t buy the money pit!

#2 A Home Energy Assessment – Green Scene is proud to offer you this service, testing the “performance” of your home with a State-of-the-Art Blower Door and Thermal Imaging Camera, in an attempt to determine areas of energy leakage in the property. This will make a big difference to your future comfort and safety in your new home, not to mention reducing your electric bills! This service is offered at half price when paired with a standard home inspection.

#3 Specialization and expertise in inspecting the Pier-and-Beam construction homes from the 1920’s-1960’s.

#4 Move-In Sustainability Tips. Advice on everything from air quality, water usage and home insulation to recycling centers, composting tips and avoiding junk mail.

#5 Discounts for Hometown Heroes (police, teachers, clergy, government workers, firefighters, military, veterans)

#6 Free Utility Connection Service (Help with setting up your water, gas, electricity and much more!)

GSHI is committed to our role in preserving the planet through education on residential energy consumption. Of course, our first objective is to provide the professional Dallas home inspection report you need, but we go beyond by offering a personalized Home Energy Assessment and complimentary move-in services! We are proud to be the first and only company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to offer this type of Dallas home inspection.

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